Cottenham Primary School

Crafting an image and brand identity for CPS was no easy task. It was necessary to balance a vibrant atmosphere with learning in order to successfully communicate the school’s mission.

A bright approach
for an education setting

Cottenham Primary School (CPS) is an educational institution situated in the village of Cottenham, which lies five miles from Cambridge. Here, children between the ages of five and eleven are provided with the resources and tools necessary to meet their highest potential.

Our school is extremely proud of the endeavours that it has set out to accomplish in order to provide these young learners with the most exceptional possible learning experience. Each facet of our program is aimed at aiding the students of CPS in their journey through further education and their lives beyond.

To reach this goal, we have developed a well-rounded curriculum based on a multitude of topics such as safeguarding, teaching techniques, and extra-curricular activities, while also emphasizing the important characteristics and virtues that help children lead meaningful, fulfilled lives.

It has been an honour for us to work with CPS over the past twelve years, creating their unique identity, filling their walls with colourful material, designing their prospectus, and producing their annual school magazine.

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Design for print

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Digital Brochure

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