About us

Drawing upon our extensive experience in design and marketing, we provide cutting-edge solutions for both digital and print media, allowing your business to shine above the competition and leave a lasting impression.
Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of our work, from our office culture to our transportation infrastructure. This ethos allows us to truly understand our clients’ needs during the consultation process and to provide marketing and print media that is purposeful and meets the demands of both our clients and their customers.
The Off Grid office is truly a great creative space and best of all it is powered by the sun and utilises a 10 Kwh battery storage pack to last us well into the twilight hours.
Jez Brook

About Jez

Off Grid Design’s creative director and founder

Jez commenced his career path in 1989 when he took on an apprenticeship as a scanner operator for Cambridge Litho, which was a subsidiary of the Foister and Jagg Group. His main scanning equipment was the Crosfield Magnascan 550. As the company grew, they acquired a second scanner, the Crosfield 6250, to meet the increasing demand.
After five years, Jez was offered the opportunity to lead the scanning department at Cambridge Repro, despite the fact that they ran a Hell Chromagraph s3900, which was substantially different from the Crosfield. The emergence of Apple Macs around this time also posed a new challenge, but Jez was unfazed and used his extensive knowledge of scanning to overcome it.
Two years later, he transitioned to Digital Artwork Repro (DAR), where he encountered another switch of scanners. Nonetheless, DAR was advanced in the reprographics field, and Photoshop was a key component. Jez invested considerable effort into learning Photoshop, and his efforts paid off. He became the go-to expert for numerous agencies and designers throughout the United Kingdom.
In 2005, Jez’s professional journey culminated in his appointment as Creative Director of Bulldog Publishing, where he worked to modernize and improve existing publications, such as Quest and the Service Parents Guild to Boarding Schools, as well as launching Courses 4 Forces and the BSA Guide to UK Boarding Schools, and their associated magazines, websites, and social media platforms.
Subsequently, in 2010, Jez established CB Creative Ltd and continued to grow his clientele. The rest is history. Today, Off Grid Design is poised to revolutionize your marketing, print, and social media needs.


Imaginative design for both print and digital media. Branding and Corporate iD to the highest level of creative flare.


Ideas and brain storming is our strength – converting those into a tangible product is where we shine.

Photo Retouching

Creating beautiful imagery is in the soul of our organisation. Imagine it and we will make it a reality.


High end print production on a range of Litho, Digital and Photographic medium – Quality & Consistency.

Digital Publications

Interactive digital brochures and magazines are a great way of reaching a wider audience.

Social Media

Having your voice heard is so important to reach out to your customers. Get social with us.

Digital Media

Clean clear messaging delivered by us to so many different media platforms to grow your audience.

Video Editing

Want to make an impact? Our video and editing service will make that happen for you.

The Off Grid Design team

Great foundations grows success. Jez has brought in the best skills to enable jobs to progress with courage and commitment; the Off Grid Design team of Mel, Emma, Stuart, Lynn, Jo, Ned and Julie are here to guide you through your next marketing adventure.

We’d love to find out how we can help you create something in print or online. Our industry knowledge will guide you through the process seamlessly. Take a look at how we have helped our clients